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La Guajira - Colombia 

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We create young indigenous entrepreneurs to reduce  extreme poverty in

La Guajira - Colombia

More than 70% of students in La Guajira, Colombia never make it to high school.

Lack of access to school and financial pressures force most Guajiran children to drop out.

Many children from this region have to walk more than 2 miles every day to attend the nearest school.

This leads to the highest levels of illiteracy and poverty rates in the country. But together we can change that story and give these children access to education and foster a lifetime of success.

El Origen is a non-profit organization that works with public and private sector partners to ensure access to education and development for at risk children and youth in La Guajira.

We believe that investing in at-risk youth is the best way to invest in the future of everyone.

The future of a child can take a different
path if we work together


By 2022 El Origen will be the leading policy implementation organization dedicated to ensure that policies designed for ethnic communities are fully realized focusing on girls education.


The leading reason indigenous children in this region drop out of school is the financial pressures that they face. At a young age, these children are expected to walk and spend hours in local markets selling their crafts. This, of course, doesn't leave much time for school and sadly, many abandon their education. 

You can help keep a child in school and support a young entrepreneur by purchasing one of our products featuring the artwork of our talented students.